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Created by Nutritionists. Valued by Farmers.

VIDA Piglet Starter Feed is a proven nutritional concept for piglets and has four unique elements that set ForFarmers' solutions apart from other suppliers.

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1. An exclusive range of quality ingredients

The selected raw materials are essential for achieving highly digestible piglet fees. The production teams in ForFarmers and Trouw Nutrition understand that the piglet feeds they manufacture contain very specific ingredients that require special care and attention to ensure optimum nutritional effectiveness. Quality control measures are at an optimum level which meet exacting auditing standards. VIDA contains highly digestible raw materials, cleaned and finely ground ingredients and extruded soya bean meal. This maximizes protein digestability and supports gut health.

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2. Dedicated production facilities

VIDA is manufactured in dedicated production lines for piglet feed. This enables a strong focus on the specific requirements of piglet feeds. VIDA is produced by ForFarmers' highly skilled production team ensuring strict control over key quality and bio-security factors.

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3. Personal expertise and professional support

VIDA is supported by a team of highly professional specialists with specific expertise in piglet nutrition and production. ForFarmers' team of technical advisers understand the pig producers' daily business and the many challenges they face. The team supports producers to establish best practice and assist in improving business performance from a management, housing, health and nutritional perspective. A broad and practically based range of tools is available to our customers to thoroughly investigate issues and determine the best feeding programme for the individual pig producer.

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4. Two names you can trust, one feed you can rely on

VIDA is the result of the first collaboration between two leading nutrition specialists; ForFarmers and Trouw Nutrition. Milkiwean is a global piglet feeding concept from Trouw Nutrition, underpinned by world class scientific research and product application know-how. The unique collaboration between ForFarmers' Nutritional Innovation Centre (NIC) and Trouw Nutrition's dedicated R&D assets offers a level of innovative nutritional solutions not seen before. This with the partnership's knowledge of raw materials, specific production facilities, and their combined scientific research together with ForFarmers' strong customer relationships and local expertise makes VIDA a unique and leading concept, delivering a lifetime of Total Piglet Performance.